Tricia was a Coach with West USA Realty, Chandler for over 7 years. She personally has created a strong referral business by networking, building and maintaining numerous relationships. She enjoys teaching her coaching clients these skills also, to be a successful Realtor.  Tricia has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers providing outstanding negotiation skills, she thrives on FSBO’s and sharing this information with others. Communication is number one with all of her clients consistently, providing them with timely updates throughout each transaction.
• Top 10 producer at WestUSA Realty Chandler
• Outstanding Sale Performance Awards 2021, 2022

Tricia speaks multiple languages with her family from Brazil. She has dedicated myself to service; developing a more harmoniously advanced community through enhancing greater self-awareness. Through my spiritual, personal and professional journey she has developed a positive approach to education, guidance, and mentorship serving fellow Realtors, business owners, and clients by assisting them in their own quest for living more open-hearted, purposeful, passionately fulfilling lives.

With her intuition and compassion, Tricia has developed multiple businesses to provide exceptional service, exceed business expectations and help others. She has built her business relationships around those seeking wealth & health in finances, mind, and body.  Tricia is excited to work with you and help you build your real estate career and help you with your journey!